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History of Citrique

The idea for Citrique Photography emerged around 1997 in the middle of a trip to France. This is where the vision of creating a studio focused on the creation of professional photography for commercial purposes was born. ​​

The manifestation of the different artistic expressions appeared first in the form of admiration, and then they became a source of inspiration for what years later turned out to be Citrique's roots: the pursue of excellence through top quality photography.

Academic bases.

Graduated with Architecture degree, our founder Mauricio Alanis ventured into plastic and visual arts that formed the academic foundations of Citrique's first projects.

Delving into the field of photography, Alanis enrolls in different specialization programs, until culminating in the application for Certified Master Photographer by the Academy of Professional Photographers of America.

By 2007, PPA grants Alanis the maximum degree of certification, being up to date, one of the less than 3% professionals to hold this degree.

Fotógrafo Profesional de Alimentos | Certificado por PPA
Nominations, awards, distinctions

Citrique's trophy room is made up of  distinctions from different artistic and visual disciplines. Each of them contributing to the evolution and trajectory of our studio. Soon we will open the doors of this fascinating room.

Citrique Fotografía | Premio a! Diseño
Citrique Fotografía | Intenational Masters Of Photography Vol I & II
Citrique Fotografía | Premio Zoom In, Canon México
Citrique Fotografía | Premio Top Knots PDN Online
Citrique Fotografía | PPA Certified Photographer
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